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Unicharm Corporation (ユニ·チャーム株式会社, Yuni Chāmu kabushiki kaisha) is a Japanese company that manufactures disposable hygiene products, household cleaning products, specializing in the manufacture of diapers for both babies and adult incontinence, feminine hygiene products and pet care products.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People are illiterate. Do not treat employees with respect"

Former Employee - Promoter says

"Not supported manager 1st lokesh from pune and sanjay..... they was not paid my last salary also not giving hr number...."

Former Employee - Sales Officer says

"I have seen various cases where HR says your settlement will not be given as you have not submitted papers. I have worked for Nestle , Perfetti none of tthem asked me for the papers before levaing the job."

Current Employee - Sales Operations Associate says

"Politics, undeliverable target, expense deduction."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Top down management. Lazy people can do anything they like here"


"Lot of politics Lack of recognition for efforts No Job stability"


"The company is struggling to cope with a unified system of work flow The salaries are below average Centralized management system"

Former Employee - Inventory Management says

"No working life balance. 12 hours working consider normal."


"not friendly environment, don't offer enough benefits and perks"

Former Employee - Brand Manager says

"Weak B&C compared to other MNC FMCG and compared to jobdesc; No personal development programs; Putting seniority instead of meritocracy to level up; Rigid to open up for new technology trend."

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"Company haven't support for any sales. The only thing that I have a good idea to upgrade myself. company have not think to salesman. Company need only target.I am a beautiful person.Long time."

Institutional Sales Officer (Current Employee) says

"Every thing is fine at this company but problem in management.working culture much more better than other companies which I know. But problem with the management..Usp, salary procedureManagement."

Machine Operator and Electrical Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"mentally high stress in working hours,duty is very difficult an diploma persons , only suitable for uneducated persons. i will say to new diploma persons please choose the other job.free food, free cabfree medical"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"There will be no growth for lower grades....higher management failed to notify the valuable struggles of technicians...we struggle a lot backside of every manager increments and promotions...but we stay under foot ..... really it's very sad to me...Yes, but no one matters the quality of foodIt's normal"

Area Sales Head (Current Employee) says

"Unicharm is a category leader in Baby and Feminine care range. It constantly research and innovate products as per need of the consumer. It gives a feeling sense of pride in offering such quality products to the retailers at the market.Good and quality productsAvailability of products as per demand"

SALES OFFICER (Current Employee) says

"for last 2 yrs i havenot gone through any sort of increment /work culture is good but poor claim management system .competition is good but with adequate tools .tv add is very less.products are short in proper time ."

Institutional Sales Officer (Current Employee) says

"The company has brilliant products that are actually made giving lot of scientific thoughts and made to perfection and improved regularly. The company gives you freedom to put your own ideas in your working."

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